Special Machinery

Design and Build

Technical Machine Sales, Inc. does consulting, design, fabrication and entire turn-key solutions to your custom machine needs. We employ state-of-the-art 3-D Solid Modeling software to design, detail and perform structural analysis of the equipment we build. If you need a specialty machine, give us a call! We have many successful machine designs to our credit.

Seven-Axis Special Machining Center

For Lockheed-Martin in Camden, Arkansas; Composed of a heavy structural machined base, with two three-axis slides and a rotary table as the seventh axis. Designed to do machining on the inside and outside of a rotating turret for a multiple launch rocket system for the military. This machine utilized such advanced technology as six-station turrets for changing tools on the slides, and a Hakusui coolant system which uses an incredibly small amount of biodegradable coolant.

2000 Ton in Three Simultaneous Axis Hydro-bulge forming Tee Press

Composed of heavy structural frames and three 32" bore hydraulic cylinders operating at 5000 PSI., three hydraulic power units, controls, prefill system and more.

Washing Carousel

An eight station carousel which loaded, washed three times, dried three times, and unloaded the parts.


For making 180 degree bends in pipe, while hot, to a very tight radius; composed of complex tooling, seven large hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power unit, controls, and heavy structural frame.

Heavy Duty Conveyors

For all types of Pipe and Tube; we have years of experience in designing pipe handling conveyors of many different configurations.     

Also, we specialize in Hydrostatic Pipe Testers for pressure testing pipe and tube.     

Brochures and video tapes are available upon request.